Why Lebron is Wrong on Trump

LeBron James has made the claim that Donald Trump caused division in professional sports. I think the claim is false. Here is my demonstration: 

  1. A number of professional athletes decided to protest the flag during the playing of the national anthem
    1. Note, I am not making any normative claim about whether this action was morally justified or not
  2. A protest is, by nature, an act of division
    1. The players knowingly decided not to unify around the symbol of the US Flag
    2. To knowingly not unify around a commonly-held symbol of unity is divisive
  3. The protesting of the flag by professional athletes was divisive (1,2)
  4. After some players protested the flag, there was a reaction against their actions by some fans and some media
  5. Some fans and media disagreed with the players who were acting in a divisive manner 
  6. President Trump publicly sided with some fans and media against the players who had acted in a divisive manner 
  7. In siding with those fans and media, who disagreed with the athletes who protested the flag, Trump declared his position with regards to which side of the divide he agreed 
  8. Declaring one’s position on a divisive issue is not the same as causing the divide itself
  9. Therefore, Donald Trump did not cause division in sports (6,7,8)
  10. If Donald Trump did not cause division in sports, then LeBron James’ claim is false
  11. Donald Trump did not cause division in sports
  12. Therefore, LeBron’s claim is false (10,11)
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Does LeBron owe Trump and Apology?

Now, I won’t make any judgment about whether or not LeBron is being disingenuous or not. I am just pointing out that his claim is false. Perhaps he really believes what he is saying. Perhaps he is just out for publicity and power. I don’t know, because I don’t know him personally. But, what he claimed about Donald Trump and division in sports is not true. He should either qualify his claim, provide an argument for its validity, or apologize. 

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