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Social Justice in the Church

This is roughly an hour long presentation on Social Justice and the Church I gave at Calvary Chapel, Downey on September 22nd, 2018.

In this talk I cover issues of morality, metaphysics, Marxism, and whether or not Justice without appeal to God, or the Scriptures, can be true Justice.


2 thoughts on “Social Justice in the Church

  1. I would love to read a transcript of your talk. I have been grappling with the question, “What is the biblical approach to social justice vs. the Marxist/Gramsci approach?”

    1. Carol,

      I will be giving a longer version of this talk this coming Tuesday, Nov. 13th. This next presentation will be video-taped, so you will be able to see the slides as well as the audio. Another Christian speaker who is good on this issue is Os Guiness who is very familiar with the history of Marxist social and political thought.

      As to your question, I think without a metaphysical basis for both morality, and ultimate meaning and purpose, the human drive to construct versions of what the Gospel tells us is true of both are inevitable. I think we are living at a time in the West where we are once again opening ourselves up to tyrannical forces. I’m not saying one way or the other if this is the actual end-times, but it could be yet another end-times like scenario; something akin to what happened in the 30’s & 40’s in Germany and Russia.

      Also, thinkers like Charles Taylor and Jaques Ellul where very informative about these kinds of developments in modern culture.

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