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Social Justice and The Church – Part II

This is a longer lecture on Social Justice and the Church, given at Living Truth Christian Fellowship in Corona. In this lecture I try and hone in on some likely philosophical and metaphysical assumptions of contemporary Social Justice movements in order to help discern secular forms of Social Justice from more biblical forms of Justice. In particular I try and answer the following questions:

  1. What are Christian metaphysics as opposed to Marxist metaphysics?
  2. What are the domains of morality on a Classical Christian worldview, and on a secular worldview?
  3. How do human beings and their cultures tend to “immanentize” Gospel truths?
  4. How is the current form of Social Justice we see presented in culture today akin to a religion?
  5. What is the difference between Marx and Nietzsche when it comes to ethics?
  6. How do secular systems of ethics that presuppose individuals own conceptions of “the good” run into problems when it comes to the distribution of Justice in society?
  7. What are the Gospel’s answers to our Social Justice ills, and how are they “the better story?”
  8. How can we take the biblical teachings on generational and corporate sin, and think about them in light of racism in the history of America?

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